UCSG & PC & RB & Friends in cooperation with SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL association is inviting you to attend the 4th edition of the ultra trail and long distance non-stop hike event The Small Carpthian's 100 Miles Trail (100MKMK).

100 MKMK (established in 2012) is the first ultra trail and long distance non-stop hike event in Slovakia with a course total distance over 200 km (also it was the first slovak 100 miler). The three challenging courses of 100MKMK (The Shadow Warrior - 207 km/+7500 m, Last Ronin - 170 km/+6000 m and The Black Knight - 130 km/+4500 m) are located in the beautiful scenery of Small Carpathian mountains. The event is recommended for more experienced ultra trail runners and long distance hikers.


18.-20. August 2017

Stat and finish place:

Elementary school in Chtelnica, Námestie 1. mája 3 square

Start date and time:

18. August (Friday) at 22.00 CET from Elementary school in Chtelnica. The start time is common for all three 100MKMK courses.

Time limits:

Course A: 52 hours

Course B: 42 hours

Course C: 32 hours

The given time limits are preliminary.

List of enrolled participants

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Classification (2017):

100 MKMK 2017 is an "joker" event for the 8th edition of Czecho-Slovak 1000 (CS-1000) and a part of the 3st edition of the Slovak Ultratrail League. The 207 km course THE SHADOW WARRIOR is a part of the 3nd edition of the Czecho-Slovak 100 km Ultratrail Cup (CSUT).

The organizers reserve the right to change the course or event programme.